International Committee Against Christian Calendar Imperialism

International Committee Against Christian Calendar Imperialism in U.N.O.

The facts: The United Nations Organization that supposedly speaks and rules impartially for all nations of the Earth, is still using the Christian calendar which is viewed as being disrespectful for all other religions of the world.

There are only 1 billion Christians in the 6 billion people world population.

This clearly indicates that Christians are a minority. So how can this minority’s calendar be imposed on the UN body which supposedly represents the other 5 billion people?

Why should Muslim or Buddhist countries have to participate in a world’s organization that denies their dignity by using another religion’s calendar?

Isn’t the use of this Christian calendar by the UN evidence that this organization is a puppet whose strings are pulled by the western Christian powers?

The solution: The adoption by the UN of a non-religious calendar based on a non-religious historical event. For instance, it can be a calendar in which year 0 would either be the date the UN was founded or the date marked by the explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. If the latter would be accepted, this means that 2001 (august 6th) would, in fact, be the year 56 aH (after Hiroshima).

The proposed action: To put enough pressure on your national government so that they, in turn, force the UN to be respectful of non-Christian countries and people by adopting a non-religious official calendar.

How can your own government betray your Muslim faith by accepting to ratify treaties at the UN using the Christian calendar?

Isn’t the UN clearly saying that the Christian faith has superiority over the Muslim faith? If not, why impose on Muslim governments the ratification of official UN documents using the Christian calendar?

Act right now! We must act immediately and put pressure on the UN to change this. The first step is to organize a founding meeting of our committee. At the same time, you can immediately start amongst your militants and population to petition people, organize press campaigns and meet your local government officials to request for this fundamental and basic international respect for your faith. The UN should not impose a Christian calendar onto others! How would Christians react if, all of a sudden, the UN used a Muslim calendar? After so many years of Christian insults to the Muslim through the UN’s approval of a Christian calendar, the UN should render justice by asking for at least 20 years of Muslim calendar… But forgiveness may make us accept apologies from the UN and the use, from today on, of a non-Christian neutral calendar. Enough insults!

Help us organize the founding meeting: Be part of the historical founders of our organization by organizing the first meeting of the ICACCI. We need help and we need to synchronize our efforts between non-Christian religious and political leaders of the world. For the very respect of your faith and to the memory of the victims of the Christian colonization. The first help we need is a site where representatives from all over the world can have this first meeting to discuss strategies, elect the first representatives for our organization, and organize an international office. If your country can provide these facilities and help, your name will stay in History forever as a fighter for the respect of your faith.

Founder of the ICACCI
February 55 a.H. (2001)

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